Campus Committee for Sustainability and Climate Neutrality

Campus Committee for Sustainability and Climate Neutrality


October 11, 2011, 3:30-5:00pm

Student Center Room #336


Old Business

  • Appointing more faculty members to the committee
    • Personally contact people who are interested
    • Less people on the committee, the easier it will be to reach a consensus
    • For research/large projects, form groups with people outside the committee
  • Role of the CCSCN
    • Review and revise the CAP, as well as successive work plans
    • Take on the responsibilities previously held by the Conservation Council (consider means to move SLU towards sustainability)
    • Communicate our efforts to the campus community
    • Seek to educate people about sustainability through classroom curriculum



*Create one statement with three criteria

*2,500 tons of carbon = unavoidable offsets

When will we buy those? Where will the capital for that come from?

*Suggestion: Gradual build cost into budget, avoid shocking the system


LED streetlights

*i.e. Ann Arbor

*Save money in the long term

*Visible commitment to sustainability

*Need cost estimates and savings


Weave climate change into academic life

*College workshop (like the QRC)

*Faculty panel or academic speaker

*Integrate sustainability and climate change into classroom curriculum


Master Plan - driver of what facilities will do

Biomass boiler is not currently on the table

*Need to consider: Return on investment, labor-intensive work, cost-effectiveness compared to natural gas, convenience, and cost of maintenance

*Pilot? Is it possible to have a small biomass boiler to be a demonstration?

*Need to decentralize our campus energy sources

*The time is now, i.e. Ogdensburg

*Heating à 55% GHG emissions (largest sector)

*Local energy (pellets from Massena)


Keep committee small

*Recruit people outside the committee to help with specific projects

*Then report project efforts to committee

Have a short list of goals/efforts and do them well


How will we make decisions?

*First, try to reach a consensus

(Want to work towards a consensus, but also want to be productive and mobile)

*Can't reach a consensus, write both a majority and minority report that will be given to President Fox (executive decision)


*Green initiative buy-in for alumni

Develop a sustainability "wish-list" (donations)

*CCSCN Secretary: Kate Powers


Next meeting

October 25, 2011, 3:30-5:00pm

Student Center Room #242:

**Note room and time change of meeting



  • Aileen O'Donoghue-10-15 minute presentation on LED lighting for campus
  • Discuss Pepsi Refresh Challenge (Nick De Filippis)
  • Discuss the ADK Youth Climate Summit (Louise Gava)
  • Discuss the GHG inventory update presented by Louise Gava
  • If time...Offset discussion