Campus Committee on Sustainability and Climate Neutrality

Campus Committee for Sustainability and Climate Neutrality


September 27, 2011, 3-4:15pm

Student Center Room #336


Slideshow Presentation

Created by Louise Gava and Amanda Lavigne

Goal = approval of CAP by trustees

SLU in an "alpha" institution, needs to maintain status

Visuals from St. Lawrence 30 years ago (show how far we've come and how far we can go)


2007- original CAP committee, baseline

2011- CAP passed

2040- target


CAP is simply the framework, a map (different routes possible to get to our intended destination)

Work plan-one created every 3-5 years, will provide details

1st work plan = July 2012

  • Financing: accept CAP, accept the responsibility to fund it
  • Energy efficiency and conservation come first
  • Education & research
  • Communication & outreach


So what?

Perfect timing-CAP passed before the creation of the Master Plan

Student support-Petition with signatures from 15% of the student body

SLU = leader

**Enhancement to our campus, recognition of what we've already accomplished

However, we cannot claim credit for things we are already doing/have done

Must go above and beyond

Carbon market = must be additional, not what's already been done



What will be implemented?

How will it affect the CAP?


Need buy-in, we should trust the process


CAP consultant

Environmental staffers

Selection process:     November 21st-hire

December 5th-start date

August 20th-completion

October 2012-present to trustees


CAP is in the Master Plan

Revisit CAP each year-Can we speed up the process?

We can't wait/put things on hold


Next meeting

October 11, 2011, 3-4:30pm

Student Center Room #336:


  • Dissect CAP, What is our role as a committee?
  • See if we can get more faculty members on the committee-specifically humanities and social science professors
  • Review Pepsi Refresh initiative



            Co-chairs: Neil Law and Jon Rosales