Carbon Neutral Peak Weekend


The Climate Action Plan has been accepted by the University.  As we move toward zero-net greenhouse gas emissions, students find exciting ways to celebrate and participate in this work; including putting a new, environmentally friendly, twist on an old school tradition.  Beginning in 1982, St. Lawrence students, faculty, staff and alumni have put at least one person on the top of each summit of all 46 High Peaks (mountains above 4,000 vertical feet) in the Adirondack Park in one weekend.

This year three students (including Alexander Duane and Andrew Skaggs) are leading a ‘Carbon Neutral Peak Weekend Trip.'  They post, "If you went to the Peak Weekend meeting at the OC side lawn today and found the trips a little too tame, or maybe not enough mileage myself and three others are planning to bike to the Seward trail head, hike the Sewards and bike home to Canton.  We will be leaving Friday afternoon at approximately 2pm and returning Sunday. Biking will be 65 miles each way and the hiking will be close to 20 miles.  We are looking for a few ambitious souls with a love for the outdoors and bicycles.  If interested, please contact us."