Bee Week: Documentary Night

Two Honeybee documentaries showing in Griffiths 123  auditorium (down the hall from the new perfomance hall)

Silence of the Bees
"Silence of the Bees explores one of nature's most baffling mysteries: the disappearance of the honeybee. Join researchers as they scramble to discover why honeybees are dying in record numbers and to stop the epidemic before it spreads further."

Tales From the Hive
"This documentary captures rarely seen images from the life of a bee: the queen's "wedding flight," a struggle between rivals for the queenship, and the "waggle" dance (in which the scout bees convey the exact location of nectar to a group of attentive bees). The highly social world of bees is revealed, as they share in the gathering of food, communication, shelter construction, and defense."

Come to either or stay for a night of bees! Hope to see you there!