Fresh: A Documentary on the Food Industry

Winston Room, Student Center
March 9, 2011 12:00pm
Watch Fresh during lunch! Don't worry it is not another depressing movie about the food industry. This documentary is upbeat and provides solutions. Critics have said:

"FRESH is just that--an upbeat and wonderfully fresh look at our food system and how to make it work better for the health of humans and the planet. It's a must see for everyone who eats." - Marion Nestle

"Where FRESH departs from FOOD, INC, The Omnivore's Dilemma, and most other food documentaries of late, is that FRESH is downright hopeful." -

"We all just watched FRESH...and we were mesmerized and empowered. Every American needs to see this. You will capture hearts with this. I can't wait to sit in an audience watching this. It is absolutely masterful. "
- Joel Salatin

"We all know about the problems with the American food system, but what about the solutions? FRESH is a bracing, even exhilarating look at the whole range of efforts underway to renovate the way we grow food and feed ourselves."
- Michael Pollan