Conservation Council Minutes

In attendance: Louise Gava, Robby Glass, Rick Scott, Eric Williams-Bergen and Alle Wingerter


1. OC Fall Fun Days: Brad has the promise of a few log donations (perhaps 5-10, some as pine) and pick up by Marcus and Fac Ops., one saw and more in the works. Alle reminded us that selling tickets should happen in a way other than the student center during lunch as it should be targeted at faculty and staff. However it was suggested the log and poster display was valuable for students to see.

2. Youth Climate Summit: Rick has also tentatively agreed to attend one day.
3. Themlo meeting on low-mow zones: students asked lots of questions and seemed to enjoy Marcus' presentation, it seemed they didn't recognize the other low-mow zones across campus; they were really focused on JHS. Students and Marcus saw eye-to-eye on returning to the original LEED plan for the space. Students will pass a resolution to that effect on Wed 20th.

4. Innovation Grants:
Hydration Station-submitted by Robby, supported by Fac Ops, he included the cost of filters and he even met with a rep from the company. The main speed bump was determining if the proposal was capital (which was not allowed).

Bike to Work Week
-submitted by Louise, hoping to encourage the large number of faculty and staff who live within three miles of campus to bike or walk but putting the focus on the benefits and ease the two weeks leading up to ‘Bike to Work Week' in early May. Proposal included free bike maintenance and fitting for all employees and students living off-campus as well as incentives for those who bike or walk during the special week.

Campus Walking Tour
-submitted by Amanda, surrounding some of the ideas CC has been talking about to draw attention to our lovely campus.

Mellon Proposal-Movie Wish List
Eric updated that because our proposal will be a small amount we will most likely be able to submit our proposal when we are done instead of waiting until the next call for proposals. Folks should start or keep looking and share titles.

Grounds Forum-looking at issues of waste (and its reduction)
Given the success of last year's forum "Growing Green: The Transition to a Sustainable Landscape" it seems another forum educating our community on issues they interface with each day is appropriate. With the student interest in ‘trash' (see the ‘Trashy SLU' YouTube video) and Louise's recent conversations with Cathy Gibson (our waste hauler), this issue is very relevant. Students suggested our timing is the first few weeks of next semester, also allowing us to plan to participate in Recyclemania.