Conservation Council Meeting

Conservation Council ‘10/11
Minutes 10.4.10
Present: Amanda, Louise, Rick, Eric, Robby, Alle, Pete, Brad (note taker)

1. Updates
a. OC Fall Festival (Fri Oct 29, aft)
i. Site likely at the former Java/Bookstore/Health bldg.
ii. Brad will try to round up saws & wood, Amanda has sawbucks
iii. We'll likely repeat the raffle for the cut wood
b. No-mows
i. Robby hopes we (i.e Amanda or Tom Greene) might talk to Thelmo at their meeting this week
ii. Should we eventually get a student intern to manage/study these?
c. Youth Climate Summit (Nov 9 & 10th)
i. Mellon proposal a likely source to fund attendance, etc. of Amanda, Louise, and up to 6 students (as well as Canton HS and Little River school?)
ii. We need to interest 6 SLU students
iii. Canton HS and Little River school participate
d. Innovation Grant writing: Due 10/15, $2500 grants
i. We should submit a few, to ensure that Env issues are represented
ii. "Simple Life" theme?
iii. workshop series (scything, wood sawing/splitting, permaculture, sheep shearing?, bee keeping?, non-toxic pesticides?, canning? etc.)
iv. event sponsor ("bike to work" week, movie archive series)
v. campus walking tour
vi. Robby's groups will submit one for "Hydration Station". CC might review
2. Films on the Environment
a. Submit proposal to Mellon group to fund additional DVDs to augment our collection
b. Each of us should see whether our top films are here or need purchasing