Trashy SLU

On October 8th, I-House, in collaboration with the Green House as well as EAO and The Weave, will be presenting Trashy SLU. This is a day dedicated to raising awareness of the amount of trash produced daily by people. Throughout the day we will be doing the following:

Collect Your Trash! - SLU students and employees will be invited to keep track of how much trash they produce in a day by simply just collecting their trash in a bag that they carry around through the course of the day. Everyone who participates in this would be given a bag and a small card. One side of the card is an explanation of what they are doing and they could decorate the other side of the card by writing their name etc to make it more personal. People could stick this card on the bag or carry it with them.

SLU Recycling Center Tours - Are you curious of where the stuff that you put in the recycle bin in your room ends up? Members of the Green House will be taking students on a tour of SLU Recycling Center. They could sign up for this at the table, or just show up at the day of the event.
Tours will be given October 8th at 1pm and 2pm and will be leaving from the front of the Student Center.

Have a Chat With Louise Gava About Trashy SLU
- Louise Gava will be giving a workshop about trash at SLU at 4 pm in front of the student center. (Rain Location - I-House Lounge (Sykes 2600s)) Spirited students who collected trash, will bring their bag with them so that others can take a look at the kinds of trash produced in a typical day, and how they could effectively manage and reduce their personal trash.

I-House, Green House, EAO and The Weave all appreciate your interest and involvement this Friday, October 8th and hope that you will all spread the word and raise awareness of how much waste a single individual can produce in one day!