Faculty deadline extended - Mellon Environment Grants

The Mellon Steering Committee is extending the deadline for faculty proposals for work to be conducted in spring or summer 2011.

With this announcement, the Mellon Environmental Education Initiative
Steering Committee is extending the deadline for our fall call for proposals to be due
by October 18. We are inviting faculty and staff to
submit proposals for projects that meet the spirit and goals of the
Mellon Grant. These goals include the following:

1. Increase in-depth experiential learning opportunities for students to
apply and discover knowledge through firsthand "field" opportunities
off campus, including environmental research, advocacy, internships,
activism, and seminar/studio study.

2. Promote and foster opportunities for interdisciplinary and
multidisciplinary collaborations related to the study, sustainability,
and protection of the environment.

3. Implement project activities (i.e., increased field study and
advocacy activities) in environmentally-sensitive ways for short- and
long-term benefit to the environment.

We are currently accepting proposals that will take place in spring or
summer 2011. Next semester we will make a call for proposals in early
February for projects that will take place in summer or fall 2011 or winter 2012.

We direct your attention to the Mellon Initiative website for detailed
instructions about the application process. In the spirit of reducing
our environmental footprint, the application process will be entirely
on-line. Please draft your proposal narrative and budget as electronic
documents and you will be asked to upload them during the application
process. Note that there are no funds for the purchase of capital equipment.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Erika
Barthelmess or Mary Hussmann, co-chairs, or any member of the Mellon
Environmental Education Initiative Steering Committee (Carol Cady, Antun
Huisnec, Andrew Jones, Eric Williams-Bergen, Jayantha Jayman, Carrie
Johns, Devon Stein, and Karl Schoenberg).