Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council

- October 29- OC fall fun days 1-4 pm (log sawing?) need wood and saws (Brad?)
- November 9th and 10th Youth Climate Summit at Wild Center (CAP) want student input- 6 students ($ for weekend and transport provided) SPREAD THE WORD

-Funding related to no mow zone (needs some alterations to get support from all of campus): Mellon Grant; President's Innovation Grant
Tom Greene- enviro psych- plans for no mow zone by Johnson (looking at area around Johnson, Java, Student Center)
Currently LOW MOW vs NO MOW
Class gifts- enviro possibilities
Faculty uses?
Other wild zones on campus (outer)
Thelmo (students) - Problems? What students think, reasons for why don't like rain garden
Tour of outdoor spaces (intern- maintenance?)
Student farm?
Sheep- grazing (no mow zone)
Permaculture/ teaching garden/ outdoor classroom?
Permaculture class - SLU? (previously hosted at Paul Smith's) link to longer plan

- Innovation Grant Due October 15th
Permanent program- prove interest
Money to purchase/ workshop - (scythes, no mow zone, teach students?)
Short options- series of workshops to lead to larger proposal- gauge interest
- Look at movies for campus to own (Mellon Grant)

- HW = short list of movies related to enviro for school to own