Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council ‘10/11
Minutes 9.20.10
Present: Amanda Lavigne, Louise Gava, Rick Scott, Eric Williams-Bergen, Robby Glass, Alle Wingerter, Brad Baldwin (note taker)

1. Updates
a. Idling policy - Ok for us to publicize to campus if we'd like
b. No-mows - Tom Greene class is planning to re-landscape JHS area. Consider inviting him for an update to us
c. JHS circle drive signage - soften? Help LEED? Tom Greene update/explanation?
d. Youth Climate Summit - Nov 9/10th. Amanda & Louise will present for SLU (in part on our CAP). Invite 4-6 SLU students. Perhaps request Mellon funds to support attendance of our students + area HS students?
e. EAO Film Festival - ~200 people! Successful! $925 for donation to GardenShare, & Gulf Oil Relief
2. Semester Timeline - can CC help coordinate this info and advertise via campus emails?
a. E.g. YCS (above), OC Fall Festival, Sustainable Living Fair, deadlines for Mellon and Innovation grants, 10-10-10 (~350 day) etc.
b. Dates & other particulars on Green Pages?
3. Our possible projects
a. Walking tour of campus landscapes like no-mows, arboretum. Tap Mellon, Innovation grants?
b. Investigate/comment on the new marketing report for the Admin & Trustees? Possible to get relevant sections of report from Lisa Cania?
4. Members time
a. Robbie - improve recycling efforts on returnables? Can we harvest the possible $500K/yr in redemption value? Fund student events, organizations? Developing proposal for a campus hydration station (pay with funds above?)