Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council meeting 04/15/2010

Present: Louise, Matthias, Mary, Molly, Catherine, Eric.

The meeting started promptly with a discussion on the grounds forum.

After going back and forth, the title we suggest is:


(or growing?)

Eric volunteered to be the moderator,

Other discussants are:

  • Tom Greene,
  • John Greene,
  • Marcus Sherburne (Louise is going to meet with him to discuss what he plans to present)
  • _____________ community member still to be determined; female preferred.


For door prizes:

Coakley Ace donated lawn bags and 2 pairs of garden gloves

Triple A is going to donate rake or shovel (?)

Matthias and Mary are going to work on pamphlet.

Catherine is going to make flyer.


The second topic discussed was the permaculture garden.

Molly read the draft paragraph she wrote; she is going to circulate it to all members for comments.

Timeline was discussed: the proposal should be ready before summer.

Ideas suggested:

  • butterfly garden (Amanda very knowledgeable and experienced on the matter)
  • portion of garden for/by each Dept. on campus (suggested by Louise)