Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council Meeting Minutes (by B Baldwin)

Apr 8, 2010

Members present: Amanda, Brad, Molly, Lindsay, Eric

Issues discussed:

1.      Grounds Forum/Panel

a.       We need a catchy, short title/tag for this (e.g. Grounds to Celebrate?, other?)

b.      Panel moderator (Erika Barthelmess) and members

                                                              i.      History - John Green

                                                            ii.      Importance to SLU - Tom Greene?

                                                          iii.      Importance to Local Community - Jon Montan?

                                                          iv.      Current Initiatives - Marcus S

c.       We need to discuss/fine tune issues with Marcus, perhaps for our next meeting, Apr 15

d.      We should give attendees a pamphlet with 10 green tips, as in email from Louise Gava

e.       Perhaps also give them a campus map with example sites that illustrate a helpful practice on campus. See if base maps exist in GIS lab or with T. Greene. If so, have Marcus add his points and we produce the pamphlets

f.       We also need to arrange advertising for the event. Perhaps as in LG email, flyers in select campus locations, Green Pages, SLU Wire, sidewalk chalk, etc. (NCPR?)

2.      Edible Garden

a.       Discussed draft memo from Molly

b.      We should refine it and mention proposal at the above Forum

c.       Involve like-minded students in Lettuce Turnip the Beet?

d.      Perhaps consult campus resources persons like M Mayer, K McKnight, A Pai, C Johns, A Lavigne, J Green

3.      Pepsi grant

a.       Amanda will email CC with possible idea before Apr 15 deadline