Conservation Council Minutes

Minutes from March 25th Meeting

Present: Molly, Rick, Catherine, Matthias, Louise, Amanda, Lindsay, Mary, Erik.

The meeting started promptly at 3 p.m.; topics discussed were:

  • The anti-idling policy

It is on hold until next week ------ waiting for approval (Louise)

  • The eatable garden.

The idea is to have edible landscaping on campus (permaculture, apple trees, raspberries...

Location suggested: the old java house (right in center of campus)

We reviewed the one page document written by Molly.

It was suggested that Cathy Shrady be invited to talk about her Zen garden (Amanda)

Molly is going to write a one paragraph on the idea of the garden.

  • The ground forum

The idea is to highlight what is done on campus about grounds sustainability.

Date: Tuesday, April 27th

Location: Hanna Room (student center, upstairs)

Louise will contact Joe Tolliver to reserve room

Guest speakers to invite on the panel:

Marcus + one (someone from the crew?).... To talk about what is being done on campus/ upcoming in terms of sustainable gardening...

John Greene (prospective on history of campus) and/ or Tom Greene (on user interface with space) or Erika Bartelemy, or Karl McKnight.

Charlotte Ramsey (as part of Canton village) or Brian Halloway or David Button (town supervisor)

Total 4-5 people, each doing a 15 mn presentation.

Write a flyer (title, date) (Catherine)

Have door prizes (Louise)

Contact Ken Alger to do posters... (Amanda)

Get pictures of grounds on campus (fall/ summer/ winter)

Ask Marcus if the time and date works for him (Rick)

  • The "tree oriented" event.

Louise talked to Tara who cannot be there to take individual pictures of people hugging a tree.

Idea: just to hang out over lunch hour, something informal about trees. Doesn't have to be a set date; just a few days before arbor day.

Take pictures of individuals hugging a tree... then have all these pictures on a slide show on PP and on website.