Conservation Council Meeting

Minutes from March 18th (H) meeting

Present: Louise, Amanda, Molly, Catherine, Brad, Mary

  • Discussion started on the edible garden.

The idea is to have edible landscaping on campus (permaculture, apple trees, raspberries...

Molly talked to Cathy Shrady about her Zen garden. For the Zen garden, they had obtained funding from grants, which may not be applicable to our case. Kathy also indicated she would be willing to help.

Future directions:

a.       Find out about different possible funding sources (Mellon Grant, show connections between different groups or departments); how much time should we spend on getting additional sources of funding if Mellon doesn't work?

b.      How much $ needed?

c.       How much maintenance does this type of garden require, and who is in charge? (can't realistically be asking volunteers)

d.      Ask Kathy about the logistics of implementing/ starting a garden (how did Adm. Get involved? 

e.       Does the space need to be approved? It might be easier if it is in a centralized or designated area (more easily identified as a teaching tool).

Molly will look into $$ needed and will write a paragraph on this project (first shot at proposal)

  • Discussion then went on to discuss the "tree oriented" grounds forum.

The idea is to highlight what is done on campus about grounds sustainability.

Amanda will ask Matthias (absent) for an e-mail update. A date needs to be set. Suggestions included: Earth day (April 22d) and Arbor Day (April 30th) 4/27 (Tuesday)

Location: Student Center (large room upstairs, check for VP approval)

Suggestions included a tree hugging event (Louise), with pictures taken, and a geo-cashing event (Amanda). Marcus could/ may be able to present a "10 tips to beautify your lawn" (interesting for community members as well).

Other points:

  • ESREP (renewable energy payment plan) Blackbird café - March 29th (5-7 p.m.)
  • Youth Energy Fair, SUNY Canton - April 7th (9 a.m. -12 p.m.). Looking for student volunteers .