Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council Meeting Minutes from 2/25/2010

Present: Louise Gava, Rick Scott, Amanda Lavigne, Andrew Skaggs, Matthias Nevins, Molly Parren


A special presentation was given by student Arturs Saburovs addressing his desire for SLU to join the UNEP Climate Neutral Network and to register our newly planted (and existing) trees with the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign.

Arturs asked the Council if it would be a signatory on a letter of support for these initiatives he would like to present to University President Bill Fox during a private meeting on 3/4/2010.

After a few questions, the members of the Council present all agreed that they would like the Council to sign the letter.  The chair agreed to act as signatory for the group, and would pass the letter around electronically so that individual member could weigh in on whether they would like their name specifically identified as a member of the Council, and thus identified specifically as a signee.

Arturs was thanked for his presentation, and left the meeting.

3:30 - Updates from tasks assigned during the last meeting:

  • Matthias-will look into possible dates and location for forum (after spring break) as well as consider the goals and format

Tried to contact Timberly Hewitt without much success to establish location.  Will try to request room through web-based form.

  • Lindsay and Matthias-will have meetings with admissions, biology and psychology about what an Arboretum might mean for them

Sent some emails without much response, but feels that there is support, it is just the time of year when people don't have much time to respond to every group email.  Will try an alternative communication method to try and engage stakeholders about this project.

  • Molly-will consider what possible edible landscape options we have-starting with looking to see what other schools have done.

Some examples found, some very interesting examples, mostly southern schools, but the possibility of an integrated garden with edible components including trees, and berry bushes providing food for human and animal consumers was presented.

An idea was put on the table about whether the Zen Garden process could act as a model for a project along these lines - Louise pointed out that the Zen garden was funded by a grant, but that the general framework for the project would probably be very applicable.  Molly will talk with Cathy Shrady about the Zen Garden process and report back.

  • Louise-will find five schools that are pesticide free to give Marcus some ideas

Some examples found, mostly in the North West, some partially pesticide free and some totally free (including athletic fields) Louise will work with Marcus to communicate this information.

  • Eric-will look into the amount that other schools ‘charge' students for a green fee

Eric was not at the meeting so this was tabled for the next discussion

3:50-4:00 - Assign tasks for the next week

ü  Amanda will distribute letter and act as signatory on hard copy

ü  Molly will contact Cathy Shrady and ask about the Zen Garden and how we might use that model

ü  Matthias, Lindsay will continue to try and engage arboretum project stakeholders

ü  Louise will work on getting feedback on the anti-idling policy, and will communicate her finding to Marcus

4:00 - Adjourn