Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council Meeting Minutes
Thursday, February 18th 3-4pm Memorial Hall

Present: Eric Cooper, Louise Gava, Lindsay Guerin, Matthias Nevins, Molly Parren, Rick Scott, and Andrew Skaggs

1. Feedback on anti-idling policy (Louise): our draft policy is in the hands of the building and grounds committee.  They will review for next week's Wednesday meeting and provide feedback to us.  Facilities managers also saw and commented on the policy, as previously discussed the idea is accepted but we must tweak the action items to minimize potential confrontation or accident.  The new action item likely to be accepted is reporting the vehicle number or license plate to facilities or security.

2. Recap meeting with Marcus, consider action items:
-Sharing information about our landscaping with the broader community through a CC sponsored forum, possible panel form with lots of time for audience questions
-Andrew: questions why we can't have cans for recycling with our garbage cans
-Matthias: wonders if we have enough trash cans along the ‘drunk walk'
-Louise: perhaps CC should do a spring campaign to encourage a walk/bike friendly campus and downtown.  This could be coupled with anti-idling policy ‘unveiling,' improvement of bike routes to downtown, encouraging students to walk (not drive) to the gym and the beginning of the SLU arboretum project.
-Molly: noted that while berry bushes (perhaps along Romoda) are a great idea for edible landscaping they might not be easy to grow without pesticides.
-Lindsay: just presented on edible landscaping in her sustainable house class and if that project is selected perhaps ESL project and SLU project on main campus can work together
-Eric: edible landscaping and arboretum project combined if we plant cherry trees.   
-Louise: we have a paper map (very dated) which has location and type of trees (thanks to previous work of Karl McKnight).  Katie Craig will work with a group of Massena High School Students to GPS, update and recommend new trees for a small section of campus.  This should fit nicely into the larger project.

3. EAO and Thelmo Updates
-Molly: EAO has two groups right now, one that was working on the film series idea is now working to influence class gifts so they are more sustainable-considering helping grounds become more sustainable and deal with their budget issues through class gift
-Lindsay: EAO second group is working on campaign to ban bottled water.  Dasani will be banned once the stock runs out and Aquafina will be banned at the end of the year.  Hoping to show the film ‘Thirst' right at the time when Dasani is banned from campus
-Matthias: met with Corey (Thelmo President), talked mainly about a capital improvement fund where students would pay money ($25 a year?) and then groups would approach Thelmo with proposals for funding-Corey is still working out the details.  Matthias made the proposal that a portion of the fund be reserved for ‘green' uses only.  Thelmo also wants to work on advertizing, partnering with EAO and getting the Thelmo name out while raising environmental awareness. 

1. Matthias-will look into possible dates and location for forum (after spring break) as well as consider the goals and format
2. Lindsay and Matthias-will have meetings with admissions, biology and psychology about what an Arboretum might mean for them
3. Molly-will consider what possible edible landscape options we have-starting with looking to see what other schools have done
4. Eric-will look into the amount that other schools ‘charge' students for a green fee
5. Louise-will find five schools that are pesticide free to give Marcus some ideas

1. Remember to use AASHE as a resource for what other schools are doing
2. Ag Plastic Baling at Cornell Cooperative Extension on Route 68 Feb 23rd at 1pm
3. Youth Energy and Environment Expo and Science Fair at SUNY Canton April 7th, judges and volunteers needed
4. 2 Hour training session for renewable energy payment plan, early March, more details to follow