Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council Meeting Notes Monday 11/2

Attendees: Louise Gava, Rick Scott, Brad Baldwin, Ryan Gillard, Alle Wingerter, Chloe Whalen, Amanda Lavigne

1.      Wrapping Up the 350 wood display


  • Friday 11/6 - FacOps will move all wood + rack to back of SC
  • Sunday 11/8 - Students will set up display inside SC
  • M-F 11/9-11/13 - Raffle tickets will be sold in SC from 12-1 and out-of-pocket by CC members
  • Friday 11/13 - Raffle drawing will occur at 1 pm, display will be disassembled and wood will be picked up by winner


  • Rick:
    • contact FacOps and request that ALL of the wood plus the wood rack (from behind WC and what was on the green by the SC but is now in a loader bucket at FacOps) be moved to a pile at the back of the SC (near the door that leads to the hallway between the Pub and the Winston Room) in an out of the way place this Friday afternoon 11/6.
    • The wood will be covered with a trap to try and let it dry off somewhat before it gets moved inside.
  • Alle, Ryan, Wes, and Chloe
    • use their connections within the student body to find able and willing bodies to

§  move the wood rack into the SC, set it up in front of the fireplace, move the 40 or so pieces of wood from the pile behind the SC into the rack, and set up the accompanying 3 posters on Sunday afternoon 11/8 (no time was designated yet).

§  sit at a table M-F from 12-1 and sell raffle tickets. 

§  reverse the set up process on Friday afternoon 11/13 after the raffle drawing at 1 pm - move the wood  and the wood rack back to the staging area outside the door of the SC.  The wood will be picked up by the raffle winner that afternoon, or the following day.

  • Louise:
    • revise raffle tickets - really think only 1.5 face cords of wood there
    • print 30 raffle tickets
  • Amanda:
    • Create and print 3rd poster explaining biogenic vs fossil carbon, the raffle, and incorporating pictures from the wood sawing event - will send a draft poster around for comment by Friday, and will set up printing with Lou Z. in GIS lab for Friday afternoon.
    • Procure funds for a small bank for the raffle ticket sales in the SC
    • Move the sawhorses to the ESL on Tuesday
  • Brad/Chloe/Catherine (?):
    • Advertise the raffle

§  Brad - a message through FacStaff

§  Chloe - a message posted on SLUWIRE

§  Catherine - any other suggestions?

2.      Comments on Draft policies:

First, with what "voice" are we writing, what is the perspective we are using to put these policies on the table?

The combined voice of students, staff and faculty that is represented by our Tri-partied committee will carry the most weight

So, the policy recommendations will be written by the Conservation Council.

Similarly, we need to understand who our audience is - and need to be sure to include/allow comments from those who will be most affected before going through the designated vetting channels for the CC i.e. the Faculty Council, senior staff, BOT, etc.

Brad - My feeling is that we should include an overall "principle" within these policy recommendations, that St. Lawrence, as an institution of higher education, is obligated to act as an example, that we should be a progressive demonstration and set the example.  That even though there will be "push back" and that some of these will challenge established "norms" like a finely manicured lawn, that we should be making the hard decisions because of our educational mission.

This also gives the CC the opportunity to have an impact beyond our energy conservation charge, in that we can specifically define other areas of impact within the Grounds policy, for example.  Planting for Biodiversity, for example,  

This is a great chance, but we need to be careful and start with the energy focus as defined by our charge, then slide some others in under the radar, to avoid criticism

Louise - These ideas DO show support in the Web-based "suggestions box" Idea Connect (?) and were discussed in the Recession Task Force meeting last week, so people are talking about them.

Rick - We will have to be careful to understand some of the major criticism and how these policies will affect certain jobs - also, relating things to existing policies such a village ordinances, etc.

Brad - pointing out that money can be saved whenever energy is saved is also important.

Do we need to think about framing this in a larger context? Getting down to the specifics that we are discussing today is very important but dropping a policy without doing the background work to justify our recommendations will reduce the weight of the document and put us in a defensive vs offensive position. 

Perhaps the existing Environmental Action Plan can give us the larger, broader document base that we need, and that a little leg work on the research side of things coupled with input on an electronic document is a good place to focus our efforts for the next chunk of time. 

Also pointing out how to incorporate the educational layer of some of the policy recs, such as the no-mow zones, could help garner support for the policy recs.

Let's use the inputs Louise has made plus the original drafts as a foundation doc that we can pass around and use for brainstorming - if you have polished language that you like, add it - if you have a series of random thoughts in bullet format, add them - we can pass this around for a while and then spend a meeting with a hard copy later.

3.      Member's time/News:

The Thrift Store got funding and will move to the new Java location.  There will be some funding to renovate the space, and the possibility to include a bike maintenance area.

Louise and Amanda will be taking some students to the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit at the Wild Center next M and Tu where we will be working on the SLUCAP