Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council

Monday 10/26

Attendees: Louise Gava, Rick Scott, Catherine Boulatoff, Alle Wingerter, Amanda Lavigne, Wes Norton, Chloe Whalen, Ryan Gillard, Brad Baldwin

Proposed Agenda:

12-12:15          Debrief from the Weekend,  Oct. 23/24th

October 23rd: Friday activities went well - a lot of people participated, good enthusiasm, all of the wood was cut.

The Saturday display never happened - Brad and Amanda moved ¾ of the wood, but that was it.  Some wood is now on the green by the SC and some is still in the rack behind the ERC.

The bike brigade went well, despite the rain.  The movie had about 50 or so attendees, too.  There was a table inside the student center during the bike brigade.  Some posters were there and the light bulb exchange took place.  There were some good questions asked.

What to do about the wood?

It was suggested that we can still put up the sawed wood vs fossil fuels display  - in the Student Center? - with the posters plus some more information outlining how the wood was cut and why.  The raffle could still happen, too.

In total, we wound up with about 1.5 face cords of wood.

Raffle ticket prices:  $1 per ticket - $5?  Who will buy the tickets?  Fac/Staff who heat with wood and it was requested that students are included in the raffle...the tickets will be sold on campus only by members of the Conservation council?

Brad noted that although he put some labor into the saws, that those who donated the saws and the wood should probably receive some form of "Thank you" - possible giving them a bookstore certificate?  So the raffle proceeds could go toward that end.

So what do we need to do to make this happen?

Step one: ask Timberly Hewitt and Amanda Mereau about setting up the display in the Student Center.

 Alle will ask about setting up the display inside the SC near the fireplace.

Do the posters tell enough of the story?  Will the barrel accompany the wood? Do we need to add some more information if this will be an "un-manned" display? 

Pictures - Wes will talk to Hilary and Brad will talk to Tara Freeman about pictures?

Alternative location suggestion:   JHS

What will we do with the wood in the mean time? - It can stay where it is for now, with some word passed on to kindly leave it where it is.  But, we need to have a plan in place, sooner rather than later, as Wed. is the deadline we have before FacOps moves it

What do you think about the saw we want to save the bucks so we can do this again?  Yes, they could go to the ESL.  Amanda will move them out there. It would also be nice if we do not have to borrow saws in the future.  How much do they cost?  Estimated around $60 per saw.  There is a guy on Miner street who has some available.  Wes will pass on more information to Brad so he can stop over and talk about it. 

It was agreed that we will find a way to put up the display somewhere.

What did we learn from this weekend?

We need to communicate a little better.   Some projects might have fallen on the shoulders of a few individuals, and things just got lost in the last minute effort.

If we want to help support student-driven efforts and projects, but most of the planning happens during CC meetings with only the 9 of us there, then how do we communicate/pass things on to the students and how do we push things forward?

Better communication and better blatant definition of tasks.  If student groups are going to be engaged, then things need to be planned weeks in advance - a one week notice might be ok if the task is "show up" but more time is needed to get students on board for other more involved participation. 

Should the weight fall on EAO only?  This group is the largest in that the email list is very large, although on 25 or so people show up to the meetings and do most of the work. 

What about other "environmentally minded" groups like LTB?  And what about trying to engage the larger student population, so that things get can more broad than the involvement of students who are already participating in some way?  Is there a "report out" opportunity in Thelmo? Engaging the honorary groups?  Other student groups on campus? 

12:15-12:45     Next steps

Wes and Louise have been working on a proposal to submit to the Britta small grant competition based on expanding the green bikes program.

What can the CC do to help?

1. It would be nice to get a sense of how students feel about expanding this program, and whether an expansion would entice them to use it more before the proposal needs to be submitted on Friday 10/30.

Brad, Catherine, and Amanda will informally survey their students Tu and Wed to try and get this sense.  Do you participate?  How often?  Would you if there were more bikes available, or you could get a bike for a longer time?

Amanda will try and contact the student group that did a project on this last year - Jake Birchard was the point person on this project.

2. It would be helpful to know how much the University is spending on bike racks to include in the budget estimate before the grant proposal is submitted.

Rick will talk with Marcus Sherburne about this.


1.      Alle will ask Timberly Hewitt and Amanda Mereau about setting up the display in the Student Center.

2.      Wes and Brad will talk with Hilary and Tara F. about finding some pictures of the sawing to add to the display.

3.      Wes will send Brad some more info on the Miner St. store that might have cross cut saws to look at.

4.      Amanda will pick up the sawbucks from behind the WRC and move them to the ESL.

5.      Louise and Wes will write and submit the Britta grant application for $10,000 to expand the existing Green Bikes program on campus.

6.      Brad, Catherine and Amanda will informally survey their classes to get a sense of student support for this as a project.

7.      Rick will contact Marcus Sherburne about the price of Bikes racks.

8.      Amanda will track down information about Green Bikes put together by a student group in her Cradle 2 Cradle class.