Conservation Council Minutes

Monday 10/12 12:00

Student Center 232

Attendees: Louise Gave, Rick Scott, Brad Baldwin, Eric Williams-Bergen, Wes Norton, Ryan Gillard, Chloe Whalen, Alle Wingerter, Amanda Lavigne

Eric Williams Bergen walked us through the Green Pages showing the links between specific pages, individual organizational pages, and the new "environmental" project summary page.  He demonstrated the ease with which new entries can be added to the list, and talked about how individuals could be given access to be able to add information.

Louise has already added information to the project list site for a few of the major projects that are already underway.

The need for a designated Conservation Council "communications officer" was brought up - someone who would be responsible for posting meeting minutes, adding information and events to the Conservation Council organizational web page on the Green Pages, and adding and updating information related to the projects list.

Amanda volunteered to get things started, and Brad volunteered to help. (*Note: it would be wonderful if someone else would take the lead on this role? Amanda)

The Word document containing all of the input/information the was sent to Amanda was pulled up, and the group spent the next chunk of time looking at the info we have for each project and identifying areas where additional input form group members would be helpful.  The document will be sent around again over the next few weeks so that we can continue to flesh things out and gather as much information as possible to help guide our decisions with regards to where and how to help these projects move forward.

Eric also pointed out that there is now an established site to house student related project information, the XXX repository (I missed this name?), where student research papers based on the projects or related topics could be housed and linked to the project list summary site on the Green Pages.

The October 24 International Climate Action Day wood sawing activity, originally proposed by Brad, was discussed by the group.   Coordination with the Fall Fun days was decided, placing the actual sawing/chopping behind the Women's Resource Center on the 23rd, with the display/raffle (?)  taking place on the main campus on the 24th.

Some coordination is needed for delivering the logs, finding equipment, creating the visual display, and advertising.

Brad volunteered to work on the logs and the equipment.  Ryan will discuss things with EAO, and Wes will find out information on the scheduling/location in terms of adding this activity to the Fall Fun Day schedule.

Someone needs to contact Lisa Cania about the Inauguration schedule, and coordinate with her so that we don't interrupt or accidentally set up in a bad position on the 24th.

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