Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council

Meeting Minutes

Launch 9/11/2009

In Attendance:  Brad Baldwin (convener), Louise Gave, Rick Scott, Amanda Lavigne, Catherine Boulatoff, Wes Norton, Ryan Gillard, Courtney Tennant, Alex Showerman, Jon Rosales, Eric Williams Bergen

Brad convened the meeting, and introductions were made.

Amanda agreed to act as chair, upon Brad's suggestion.  The group agreed to the choice.

A discussion about the difference between Conservation Council and the Climate Neutrality Working group followed.  It was determined that Faculty council should be consulted as to whether these two bodies are separate, and whether the WG could be reconvened. 

Amanda agreed to contact Mike Temkin and find out what the FC has to say.

The existing CC charge was read by Brad, and a role for CC if the WG is reconvened was discussed - CC could be the action-based group that actually implements the plan.

It was asked if the group could read the draft CAP (Louise will distribute this via email this week) and to identify the low-hanging fruit actions that the CAP planning process had already called attention to.  It was suggested that the transportation survey might be a great place to start (Louise will also distribute this).

Some potential projects for Climate Day 10/24 were discussed.  This is also "Make a Difference" day, and the Presidential Inauguration.  Can CC provide some leadership to students groups or sponsor some activities as a way to get the work of the Council out there on campus again?  This discussion will be revisited during the next meeting.

Amanda will touch base with FC to determine who should attend what meeting, and will try to find a common meeting time for just the members of CC via Doodle.