Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council Meeting Notes Thursday 2/4 - 3-4 pm Memorial Hall 102

Attendees: Louise Gava, Mary Kohnstamm, Lindsay Guerin, Matthias Nevins, Amanda Lavigne, Brad Baldwin, Catherine Boulatoff

Absent: Rick Scott, Molly Parren, Andrew Skaggs

Catherine volunteered to replace Amanda and take minutes during Council meetings.

The Brita Filter For Good green bikes grant was not accepted.  Amanda suggested the council look for and write other grant proposals in the future.  

We then proceeded by reviewing and editing the draft anti-idle policy. Amanda was to compile the edits to the draft and send it to everyone by e-mail for comments by Monday 12 p.m.

The next draft policy on the table is the ground policy, drafted last semester.  Louise communicated that Marcus Sherburne (Grounds Manager) would be coming to the next meeting to discuss possible directions to take that policy.

Louise summarized Marcus' his present priorities: a) salt/ sand reduction (this year, he tried the magic salt), b) new vehicles acquisition (with in mind the ones using alternative energy). His pressure: around Admissions and Romoda drive, aesthetics counting the most. He also tries to take into account as much as possible the different students' uses of the grounds.

Upcoming meeting: Meet with Marcus and focus on ground policy.


Amanda - edit the anti-idling draft and e-mail to everyone over week-end.

All - review the anti-idling draft by Monday 12 p.m.

All - send questions for Marcus to Amanda prior to meeting.

Louise - send AASHE list of topics that might be of interest.


Next meeting scheduled on Thursday 2/11 from 3-4 pm, Memorial Hall 102.