Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council Meeting Notes Thursday 1/28 - 3-4 pm Memorial Hall 102

Attendees: Louise Gava, Rick Scott, Mary Kohnstamm, Lindsay Guerin, Molly Perrin, Mathias Nevins, Andrew Skaggs,  Amanda Lavigne

Absent: Brad Baldwin, Catherine Boulatoff

3:00 - Meeting began with introductions. 

3:15 - Louise gave a brief recap of the last CAP meeting wherein the secretariat piece for the CAP was discussed.  It was determined that any changes to the charge of CC relating to the CAP would not take effect until after this semester, so that the CC would continue on as it has been. 

3:30 - The projects that were left on the table at the end of last semester were discussed:

  • Brits Filter For Good green bikes grant submission - it was thought that Wes N. had heard that we had been awarded this grant, although official word from him has not been heard.

(UPDATE: we were not awarded the Brita grant, as per communication with Wes 2/3.)

  • draft anti-idle policy - it was suggested that this draft be the focus for the next meeting, as it is farthest along, and could be sent on for vetting in the immediate future.
  • draft grounds policy - much discussion of this policy draft. Thoughts about asking Marcus Sherburne to come to one of our upcoming meetings to discuss options/specifics, and get his input. Many ideas about possible approaches to take for this policy, driven by desire to not want to encroach on Buildings and Ground Committee work. A suggestion was made that CC reach out to B&G chair to enquire about scope of this policy proposal. Ideas for new focus included:

§  Perennials vs. Annuals - this was a focus of draft last semester but Louise reports that this is already being addressed

§  Tree maintenance/forest management plan for campus; possible cooperation with Paul Smith's College in exchange for library privileges; creation of a tree walk

§  Edible landscaping initiative/plan

§  Bee keeping on campus

3:45 - Mary and Lindsay discussed project on the EAO's horizon for the semester, including:

  • anti-idle policy,
  • Banning plastic water bottles from being sold in the Pub
  • Scheduling a film festival that will span a few days toward the end of the semester (Earth Week possibly) and the possibility to secure Mellon funding for this project.

Because of the multiple interest in the anti-idle policy, and the fact that it is near completion, this was identified as the focus for the next meeting.


All- Read CC charge, read policy drafts as they stand, come with final input on anti-idle policy

Amanda- contact Wes and Billy Mc. To find out about Brita grant award

Louise/Rick - contact Marcus Sherburne about joining for a meeting in the near future

Next meeting scheduled on Thursday 2/4 from 3-4 pm, Memorial Hall 102.