Meeting Minutes

9:00 Meeting

Brunch Feedback

  • Good food! (esp. soup and scones)
  • Surveys - positive feedback
  • People afraid to approach meat
  • Carrot testing - good idea but not really what people want to ear first thing in the morning.  BUT it was easy and effective for those that did try them.  Could do again at another time.
  • Visual presentation - VERY well done, better labeling than last year
  • Semester to semester repetition is good, gets our name out there.

Ideas for future discussion/guest speakers

  • A visit from President Fox
  • Sarah-Bently Garfunkel, St Lawrence County Health Initiative, also explain the Garden Training day in March
  • A representative from Sysco
  • GardenShare
  • Dave Rice, Sweetcore Farm
  • Rainbow Crabtree, Nature's Storehouse
  • Spring Semester - workshop on starting plants in the dorm
  • Healthy awareness - coordinate with SWELL
  • Tour of Dana!

Thank you notes to Dana staff, Cindy, Doug, Gloria, and Josh (pumpkins)