Administrative Activism Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting MinutesMonday, October 12, 2009

Alle: What are thoughts on the groups three priorities

1.      One local and sustainable meal per week (Pub)

2.      Comparative study between locally grown and sysco

3.      Try to pass the Sustainable Dining Resolution through Faculty/Staff

Wes: It would be good to work on a policy to directly address specific purchase etc. (see principles and action-plan below)

Alle: Different policies for the pub and Dana (i.e. When the is available in the Pub it should be purchased)

Eric: It might be that we don’t need Faculty and Staff to pass it, but if you have several faculty endorse the resolution, we may be able to then propose it to Trustees

Louise: It may be possible to get into February board meeting. During last years meeting there was a lot of talk about food. Some of the more progressive Trustees have recognized the importance of local foods and have begun questioning some of our purchases. It may be useful to email Lisa Cania to find out the best way to do go about approaching the Trustees. 

Eric: Meeting with Bill Fox might be one of the first things to do.  Open office hours?

            Start thinking about the financial argument. On a student by student basis, it may be much cheaper to eat locally than eat large quantities of meat or conventional

Louise: No financial cost for local meals at the Pub because the extra cost can be directly to students.  Dining services has also pointed out that there are sustainanble and local options at the dining hall. These options should be more advertised. Produce/lb. should be much more accessible to students.

Alle: What if the local produce options were put out in the pub when they were available and then

What about revising the Sustainable Dining Resolution ?

Eric: There are typically not re-resolved resolutions. There are typically Principles and then an action plan that follow. This would clarify and specify actions that are guided by principles.  Things become tangible in the action plan (specific venders) and are more abstract in the principles.

Louise: There are a few areas of dining services that have not been tapped e.g. conferences services could provide local options (make headway without financial burden). 

            “The other things I would not miss is that some of it is on the end of NCGC…I want to talk to people about planting a certain amount of food for SLU. In general they are not interested in doing this type of thing; they would rather sell to Potsdam Coop; but there are NC farmers that have personal connections with students that would be willing to grow food for SLU. Going through Sue Rau creates a middle-women  that distances us from the farmers.

Eric: What if there were a Thursday café for example faculty staff dining where we could do a test café with an establish kitchen.  If we provided some support with labor and showed that it was a low cost, middle ground to work in a commercial kitchen.

“And then you have a trustee that comes to dinner and say, ‘Oh how much is this going to cost…2 million dollars? Okay. Done” Fac/Staff dining hall could be used at first. 

Louise: Currently there are months of the year that the Pub only gets one or two items from NCGC.
Eric: Someone should be looking at the economics of the meals; no on a carrot to carrot basis but on a individual basis. When you do the math…

Louise: We should remember the waste component i.e. student that may eat this way will not be

If you suggest to Trustess that we are not expecting same same, but out of season we may be interested in less expensive alternatives out of season


What next:

Meet with the President (“he has asked us to pursue this and check feasibility”)

                        Tuesday October 27, 5-6:30 Open Hours

                        Push him to find his opinion on the issues-get something out of him!

Written proposal for the pub

Start Drafting the Principles