Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda 10/5/09·       

  • Review Sub-groups
    • Sustainable Dining Resolution (SDR) group – Tripartite legislative acitivsm
    • Education and campus PR/student activism
    • Monday Mtgs: speakers, movies, round table discussions, updates
      • email the leader of the group you would like to be part of·       

“Sustainable” Foods Theme Brunch Sunday, October 11, 2009, 10:30AM – 2:00PM

Last minute menu additions:·       

  • Chili with squash (w/ unknown ingredients)
  • Bison sausage? 
  •  Specialized omlets


  1. Raffle:  Jessica, Levi, and Veronica 
    1.  Email Wes about funding
    2. Questions
    3. Prizes
  2. Ice Cream Bar: Sustain, Emma, et. al.   
    1. Table with toppings served by LTB
    2. Shifts 11:30-2:00 (2 LTBers/shift, 5  30 min. shifts) Email to LTB for workers
  3. Apple picking ASAP
    1. Laura will talk to Peter V. and notify LTB
    2. Time/Date/Place TBA (Laura)
  4. Apple tasting: Caitlin
    1. Notifiy Wanda about type of apple
    2. Slice of conventional vs. local apple
    3. Tally of votes?
    4. Bowl of 100 conventional vs. 100 local (which runs out first)
    5. Fact sheet about difference in apples
    6. Shifts - Email to LTB for help
  5. Decorations: Mia, Anne
    1. Meet with Gloria and Doug
    2. American flags, local=patriotic, gords, paper veggies (NO DUCT TAPE), corn stalks outside
    3. Labeling foods (positive, patriotic, to the point); Wes to email; Jessica where is our food from?! (Wanda, Doug, NCGC)
  6. Local Music Playlist: Rachael
  7. Picture Taking: Emma
  8. Advertisement/PR
    1. Mary Ann Gera (List Serve)
    2. SLU Wire
    3. Posters
    4. Chalk
    5. Pumpkins with painted advertisement 
  9.  Look nice for NACOFS contest pictures!

Eat Patriotically Eat Locally