Meeting Minutes

Our first meeting was nice and short, and consisted of a brainstorm of potential actions for this acedemic year and the future. 


1. Increase involvement with Canton community 

Potential Projects for said expectations 

a. High school AP environmental science kids

b. Make a difference day w/ SUNY Canton (bike bragade)

c.  Bike rack/ Bike lane on park street?


2. Strengthen Coilitions with Other SLU Groups

a. Amnesty Int. wants to show an env. justice video!

b. American Chemical Society highway pick up


3. Strenghthen Coilitions with SUNY Potsdam, Canton and Clarkson

a. Have a gathering with all four groups? Brainstorms, work together, etc


4. Dirrect Action

a. example: Last year's "Lettuce turnip the beet" puppet

b. Pamphlets

c. Critical mass/rallies/demonstrations 


Here are all the other great ideas for this year that don't have a concrete place above. 

a. Endowement, work with investors

b. posters around campus, in bathrooms

c. Composting w/ post dana waste? and in the town houses

d. photovaultaic system for slu...Oberlin has one, we can too

e. room compost/ worm bins

f. Window shades, better insulation 

g. dorm wars: get the fyp involved and award fyp points for sustainable lifestyles 

h. recycling outside

i.  Recylce mania

j. Grant for renovation of Bewkes: Set Goals for that construction. MAKE IT MORE SUSTAINABLE THAN JOHNSON.