Meeting Minutes

Lettuce Turnip the Beet Minutes


Film Trailer Showings

  • Tapped Will not show; decided that this movie was awesome but more in the realm of EAO

  • The Garden: Will show.  Tara and Mia will mention it to Amnesty International and Ryan will talk with the Hispanic Club to correlate themes
  • The Gleaners: Will not show; in French.  Interesting but not necessarily inspiring to general public.
  • King Corn, The Real Dirt on Farmer John: Both have been shown on campus before but still could be shown  
  • Food, Inc. will be playing in Potsdam on October 19th (Monday Night).  LTB event.


Farmer’s Market

  • Campus visit to market on Tuesday September 29 and Friday October 2 (the Friday of Parents Weekend)
  • Group to chalk the way the evenings before
  • Set up booth in Student Center
  • Talk to Cathy Crosby-Curry to see about FYP Cup points
  • (Tara to organize)


New Idea! Create coupons (worth $1 or $2) for the Farmer’s Market to hand out at the table/booth and in general.  Those working at table would ask students questions.  If answered correctly, students would receive a coupon.  We would talk with farmer’s beforehand to see if they wanted to participate and reimburse them with money from our budget.  Wes, our treasurer, will look into this to see if it’s legal. 


Farm Trips

  • 1st Trip: Thursday afternoon, 2:15, Birdsfoot Farm (potentially) meet in parking lot behind 62 Park. Bike out!  Post on SluWire to come.

Other Ideas:

  • Trip to apple orchard

  • Trip to Pumpkin Patch and have a follow up carving session


Dining Services

  • Don’t forget that we passed the Sustainable Dining Resolution in Spring 08.  We should utilize this; it didn’t pass only to just sit there.

  • Will receive update of locally purchased foods from Wanda and Laura

  • Pub: Potsdam Co-op, encourage people to purchase items.  We receive a 10% discount.  Work with Kielly to keep track of what is selling.  Perhaps purchase less pita bread and more pesto knots?