Meeting Minutes

LTB Minutes 9/9/09

Discussion of Meeting times; decided to do it after Laura- Brief introduction

Introduction of new and old members

Brainstorm Session:

  • Discussion of Farm Trips
    • Consistent times - Friday afternoons seem to be the best for everyone but it is not certain yet
    • Farm rotation
    • van certification
    • we need to contact farms and set up dates
    • then set up vans/personal cars
  • Green Pages - announcements, LTB page updates
  • Kelly: idea to do Farmer Bio's on SluWire
  • Try to get more people to go to farmer's markets; posters in First-year dorms
    • Tara: have our own little stand in front of the Student Center to create interest and then tell people to go down to the park for more.
    • Nick: have the school throw a "fair" at the farmer's market to get people to go
    • FYP cup points at Farmer's Market
    • Talk to FYPs
    • Food samples
    • Chalk signs to the FM
  • Signs at Dana advertising that the item is local, the farm it is from and its location


LOCAL Joe’s Farm DeKalb, NY 10 Miles away

  • Theme Dinner: Start to brainstorm
    • Sometime in October
    • Seasonal traditional dinners
  • Movies: regular showings, consistency (every 3 weeks?)
    • someone mentioned a movie about tap vs bottled water
    • the Garden
  • Speaker's - brainstorm
    • A panel of all levels: growers, distributors, chefs
    • Workshops; one full day of workshops
  • Pub 56 - hold something like the Sustainability Social, some small event on campus just for fun
  • Fundraiser: road race
    • $ for admission or food for food shelter
    • with $ raised, but local food for shelter