Green Bikes Program

Green BikeThe green bikes program was first initiated by students to provide the campus body with alternative transportation. We are at a point where demand is outpacing supply and we see the need to both continue and expand the current program and investigate the creation of a new program.

The current library rental program is working well. We just bought eight new bikes (bringing our total to eleven-money from the student government) and baskets for both the new and old bikes and we have purchased an impressive collection of tools and associated bike maintenance equipment (a gift of $2,500 was given to the program for tools/equipment). The largest issue with the current green bikes program is regular maintenance, we are working with the OP to determine if the gear room staff can do regular work on our entire bike fleet; this seems promising. The greatest issue with gear room staff would be finding someone who already has the knowledge to fix bikes or finding a way to train this employee. Another issue is respect to the bikes and return to the library on time/enforcement of late fines, while the new bikes seem to be being treated better, only time will tell if lack of respect and misuse will continue to be as great of an issue.

To get a semester long rental program off the ground we are in the process of finding a space on campus to store/maintain bikes that have been reclaimed by security. In the past we have run into issues finding a space that has enough room to fix bikes and is on the ground floor. There is a small possibility NOT to be missed that if the ReCellar moves to a new location (Old Java Barn on University Ave is being discussed) such a space could be shared with the bikes and maintenance done on store off hours.

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Short term goals: mechanic for the spring and future and finding a good space
Long term goals:
create a stronger bike culture on campus such that the combination of biking and other alternative transportation options can reduce the number of cars students bring to campus