Meeting Minutes

Lettuce Turnip the Beet Minutes
March 23, 2009

Theme Dinner:
Menu (that will be set out on the two banquet tables):
  • Local Meats:
o    Pork
o    Bison
  • Vegetables
o    Asparagus Cream Soup
o    Sautéed fiddleheads in a quiche/frittata
o    Herb roasted potato and root vegetables and/or
o    Root salad including beets, parsnips, cabbage, shoots, onions, carrots
o    Eggplant-almond enchiladas
  • Other
o    Local cheese (tray)
o    Biscuits
o    Fair trade coffee and tea
  • Dessert(s)
o    Carrot/parsnip cake with maple icing
o    Maple syrup cotton candy

Week-Long Contest: (Jess, Ellie)
1.    How much sap was boiled down?
2.    How many seeds in this squash?
3.    How many eggs does this chicken lay per year?
Prizes to be determined (possible maple syrup)

Additional Initiatives to occur during the Theme Dinner
  • -Food Mapping (Lou)
  • -Local Eater's Pantry (display of a "locavore's" pantry)
  • -Farmers Bios' in napkin holders at Dana (Arla, Julia, Kelly)
  • -Food Facts/Quiz (Ryan, Adrian)
  • -Carbon Footprints (Anna, Ryan)
  • -Local Maps
  • -Feedback
  • -"Meet Your Meat" (Dante)
  • -Tractor Display (Ryan)
  • -Playlist (Rachael)

Other Events during Eco-Week
  • Food tastings - Monday/Tuesday around noonish (pay ???)
  • Farmer's Panel - Matt, confirm. Monday, April 20
  • Workshop with the Greenhouse - Rachael to talk with house

Things to Note:
  • 3 Farms Film Showing, Tuesday at 7:30/8. Ellie and Jess to do posters
  • Kitchen "Gear Room" - began discussion of the location (Dean Eaton? Student Center?)