Meeting Minutes

Sustainable Food Theme Dinner: Wednesday April 22, 2009 Earth Day!

Local Foods we have to work with:
Potatoes from Tucker’s Taters
Fiddlehead Ferns
Bison Burgers

Also have Fair trade coffee
*maybe fair trade chocolate and tea

Possible Dishes
Biscuits from the pancake mix
Eggplant Almond Enchiladas
Fiddlehead Ferns (sautéed?)
Shallots and potatoes or rosemary roasted potatoes
Pork from Pig Roast (USDA inspected? Dante)
Creamed Asparagus Soup  < roasted root soup also suggested>
Fair Trade Sampler? (Kelly)

Ice-cream makers where people can make it themselves
Local Jams?
Need more ideas…

Contest Ideas
How much sap was boiled down to make this maple syrup?
How many seeds are in this squash?
How many eggs does this chicken lay a year?

Prizes:  Fair trade products, Potsdam co-op foods, Nature Storehouse foods, learning how to cook a meal at 1844?

-Getting other organizations involved that may want to fund the prizes (so far maybe commons college, ace, asu, greenhouse)

Local Eaters Pantry
- Display of what those whom eat local have in their pantries this time of year
(Louise had strawberries the other night!)

Projects (email me if you would like your name added to one of these)
-Farmers’ Bios: Julia, Arla, Kelly

-Local Map: Dante, Laura, Anna

-Food IQ: Adrian

-Carbon Footprints:
-Meeting with Wanda to see if we can get the location of where some of the Sysco foods come from.  (Anna)

-Decorations: Alle and Jessica

Other events during Eco-week:
Food Tastings
- outside? In the main area of the student center?
- Farmers’ Panel (Matt)
- Three Farms film showing?
- Workshop with the Greenhouse