Lettuce Turnip the Beet: SLU students for Eco-gastronomy

An organization dedicated to promote and preserve local and international food traditions and to work towards creating just and sustainable food systems while creating stronger ties between SLU students and the greater community. 


Alle and LauraOver the last several terms, we have been meeting weekly with faculty and staff to discuss SLU’s current food system and ways in which we can adjust it to incorporate more local and sustainable foods.  We have completed a campus-wide survey, hosted two film showings for community members and SLU students and were successful in passing a Sustainable Dining Resolution through Thelmo. Additionally many of our members have been informally leading and participating in events compatible with our mission. They have gone to conferences on sustainable food, volunteered at local farms and food establishments, led culinary workshops, hosted dinners, and worked on various food and farming initiatives at St Lawrence.

During a week-long event called Springfest put on by the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) and the Environmental Action Organization (EAO), we hosted a sustainable foods theme dinner at our dining hall. The theme dinner consisted of many seasonal and, where possible, local foods as well as educational tools, such as a map of the local farms around campus. In addition, we ran a "Meet Your Meat" event, which showcased a 10 week old pig, named Joey, from a local farm outside the dining hall during the dinner.  After the theme dinner, LTB hosted a farmers panel, which included farmers from 3 local farms.

Future events:

  • Farmer’s panel:  A discussion panel with several members of the community that are involved with sustainable food systems.
  • Guest speakers:  Events where members from local food businesses and farms come in and speak to SLU students about their practices.
  • Farm Tours: Weekly trips to introduce students to various local farms where they can volunteer their time and participate in our local food system
  • Farm Trips: Pre-trip led by Lettuce Turnip the Beet members for first years where they will get to know and work on local farms.  
  • Local food theme dinner: A theme dinner in which many local foods will be served and there will be several farmer’s bios, maps showing dishes’ carbon footprint and ways to become more sustainable posted.
  • Can Drive: A drive to collect food and funds to donate to a local food bank.