Upcoming Eco-Events

Textile Recycling

May 6, 2015 - May 30, 2015

Join us during student move-out to recycle your OLD, WORN, TIRED CLOTHES AND OTHER TEXTILES!  We are accepting items from May 6th through 30th.

Items do NOT have to be use-able, any torn or stained items will be recycled! Wet or mildewed/moldy items are the only restricted textiles.

Accepted items include:
• clothing
• shoes
• sneakers
• belts
• purses
• blankets
• sheets
• towels
• draperies
• stuffed animals

Please bag your dry, mold and mildew free, textiles and bring them to facilities operations where a dumpster has been temporarily placed to receive textiles.  As seen in the aerial photo, the dumpster is beyond (east of) the parking lot of the campus fleet (white vans).  Call 229-5601 if you have trouble finding the location.

According to the NYS DEC the state disposes of 1.4 billion pounds of clothing and textiles annually. Recovery and recycling of these items has an estimated market value exceeding $200 million, the potential for the creation of 9,000 NYS jobs, 8 million cubic yards of saved landfill space and 6 billion tons of avoided CO2.

Bring us your textiles!

Learn more about local textile recycling efforts at North Country Recycles.org

Thanks to a partnership of the SLC Environmental Management Council, SLC Solid Waste Dept., Development Authority of the North Country, DEC, Local Living Venture and Northeast Recycling Council for making this program possible.

Facilities Operations
Textile Dumpster Location 2015.pdf224.21 KB

Barn Good Thrift Store Fall Sale

August 24, 2015 10:00am - August 26, 2015 2:00pm

The most anticipated campus sale all year with the best prices in town on gently used futons, shelves, dorm sized refrigerators, lamps, rugs, dishes, clothes, school supplies and other random fun items. Sale runs Monday, August 24th to Wednesday, August 26th 10am-2pm.  

Look for the trailers in F-lot behind security.

And don't forget the Barn Good Thrift Store is now open all year long, located between 5 and 7 University Avenue.