Environmental Action Organization (EAO)

EAO is a student led organization that strives to create a more environmentally friendly campus. Be a part of the student voice in the environmental community, in the North Country and around the world. 

Meeting times: Mondays at 7pm in the Student Center

New people and ideas are always welcome . . . hope to see you there! 






We are currently working several project on and off campus including:

  • Decreasing on-campus plastic use
  • Composting system
  • NY State Powershift
  • Developing Outdoor Recycling Program
  • Less dryers more drying lines
  • Green-up days
  • Increasing local food on capmus
  • A student run campus garden




Like fresh food?

Grow some veggies with Seed to Table, a student run garden developing on campus.


Want to make it happen?

Make a difference with EAO each month, the goal of each green-up day is to improve our environment and strengthen our community.