Energy Conservation Campaign


Hello St. Lawrence!

Les Power here, your campus energy consultant, working to help us all save energy!

Please ask me energy savings questions or pass on your suggestions for campus energy savings by e-mailing There may be gifts and trinkets for especially good ideas. From time to time, I will pass on ideas of my own. I will also let you know how we are doing with our energy savings with a monthly report.

Changing our energy behavior is the first step in a long path to campus climate neutrality. Every step helps!

Remember-Les is best!

I want to update you on our progress as we continue our Energy Conservation Campaign.

This first chart shows how we consumed energy, heat, and electric in 2007-2008 (green) all the way to 243,000 MMBTUs* for the year. Note the steep increases through our cold winter months. The purple(ish) line represents our consumption in this fiscal year to date. It looks about the same here, but when we zero in on the chart below, we see that we have consumed fewer MMBTUs this year when compared to this time last year.

Your efforts are working!  While we started this Campaign using more energy than last year we've managed to get our consumption down by 3%.  Don't laugh at 3%, that's a big difference in carbon.  217 metric tons saved simply by turning off some lights and reporting overheating, that's impressive!  Keep up the good work and don't forget to share your suggestions with me as to how we can get that number lower

*Oh--What's an MMBTU, you ask? Think of it this way--it's a unit of energy equal to the calories from 560 chicken parmesan patties or approximately 75% of the chicken parmesan consumed at Dana each Thursday evening.

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