Appendix - Transportation

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Model Programs:

Middlebury College and Transportation

- This link is about Middlebury College and how they lease electric vehicles from a local company. It states a few challenges with the vehicles such as not being able to go as far. The departments that use the vehicles provided funding for this.

SLU Success Stories:

  • The University has purchased a Toyota Prius hybrid for the St. Lawrence fleet and two hybrid Toyota Highlanders for the University coaching staff.
  • Facilities/ Operations has implemented a no idle policy for its vehicles. When workers leave a vehicle it must be shut off.
  • The University has instituted a Green bikes program. The Green Bikes Program at SLU allows for students, faculty and staff to take a bike out on loan to use for a day. This provides an alternative form of transportation to using a car on campus reducing CO2 emissions while also providing an incentive to exercise.