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The Goal: Develop innovative alternatives to car-based commuting.parking lot

The Problem:

Travel by individuals in cars is expensive, inefficient and contributes to traffic congestion.

St. Lawrence University's rural location provides beautiful scenery and quick access to wilderness but also long drive times to many services and the University itself. Students going home for break, employees commuting to work and sports teams traveling to away games accumulate thousands of driving hours.

Opportunities for St. Lawrence University:

Based on research provided by SLU students, the University has added a Toyota Prius to the University's fleet. This has proven to be an excellent first step in developing a vehicle fleet that is more fuel efficient and less polluting. In addition, the University contracts with a private bus company to provide reasonably priced one-way and round-trip transportation to major Northeast cities for students during holiday breaks.


Appendix - Transportation

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Model Programs:

Middlebury College and Transportation

- This link is about Middlebury College and how they lease electric vehicles from a local company. It states a few challenges with the vehicles such as not being able to go as far. The departments that use the vehicles provided funding for this.

SLU Success Stories:

  • The University has purchased a Toyota Prius hybrid for the St. Lawrence fleet and two hybrid Toyota Highlanders for the University coaching staff.
  • Facilities/ Operations has implemented a no idle policy for its vehicles. When workers leave a vehicle it must be shut off.
  • The University has instituted a Green bikes program. The Green Bikes Program at SLU allows for students, faculty and staff to take a bike out on loan to use for a day. This provides an alternative form of transportation to using a car on campus reducing CO2 emissions while also providing an incentive to exercise.