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water researchGoal: Minimize water waste and pollution on campus.

The Problem: We can't live without access to a clean and plentiful supply of water and yet water in many parts of the world, including the U.S., is contaminated. Water contamination from municipal, industrial, and agricultural sources threatens the health of not just humans but the entire ecosystem.

Inefficient showerheads, leaky faucets, aging water mains, improperly timed watering of grounds - all waste water (electricity and SLU funds) and are problems faced by many college campuses.

Opportunities for St. Lawrence University:

The development of a wetland to capture and treat stormwater runoff from the Johnson Hall of Science demonstrates St. Lawrence's commitment to minimizing our impact on the Little River watershed .

Appendix - Water

SLU Success Stories:

The Johnson Hall of Science employs a rain garden to manage storm water runoff before it enters the Little River.