Appendix-Food Systems


1Lovins, Hunter. 2005 Pesek Colloquium on Sustainable Agriculture: Energy and Sustainable Agriculture .


Model Programs:

Allegheny: Dining services: Local Foods Dinner – Every year the school hosts a local foods dinner, educating the students about the sources of their food.

Bucknell: On campus organic gardens .

Dickinson College: Dickinson College has a student run organic garden . This link discusses the organic garden and its history.

Dickinson College: Dickinson has announced a plan for the opening or a working organic farm at the College.

Current Initiatives and SLU Success Stories:

  • In the spring of 2006 an organic herb garden was planted outside Dana. There are 6 "boxes" in a row in which we grow herbs for use in our recipes. It has been very successful with the staff and heavily used by them.
  • Purchase many local items. Year round we purchase items from the North Country Co-op such as maple syrup, honey, bison burgers, and other items that are available. We meet with them when the farmers are planning their crops and then in the fall purchase the available items.
  • Our milk and eggs are purchased from local businesses.
  • We purchase items from Potsdam Coop, Purple Rice and the Potsdam Bagelry to sell in the Northstar Cafe
  • We have also asked our Prime Vender, Sysco, to purchase local - NY state items and they have assured us that they do. We purchase already chopped vegies and lettuces, to decrease the amounts of waste, water and labor involved with cleaning and processing the vegetables.
  • A few years ago we purchased golf carts for transportation during the warm months. We also use a Gator for small deliveries instead of the larger vehicles.
  • For several years we have given each first year student a mug or Nalgene bottle for them to use instead of paper. We are not sure how successful this is. We also provide a discount to anyone who brings their own mug to use in the cafe.
  • Exhaust fans are on timers.
  • Lights get turned off when rooms are not in use as much as possible. We even turn the lights down in Dana between meals.