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science center The Goal: Design, create, update, and maintain buildings and facilities with the aim of reducing their impact on the environment. Ultimately, this initiative will lead to the creation of buildings and facilities that are healthy, energy and resource efficient, and consistent with their surroundings.

The Problem: Buildings and facilities are huge consumers of energy and resources. Existing buildings tend to be energy inefficient and difficult to maintain. In many cases, new buildings and facilities are designed and constructed to address present needs with little thought given to their long term impact on the environment, human health, and user productivity.

Opportunities for St. Lawrence University:
St. Lawrence has demonstrated its commitment to the principles of green design with the planning and construction of the Johnson Hall of Science and the Wachtmeister Field Station. The University has a responsibility to continue to reduce its impact on the environment. Creating efficient, healthy, and thoughtfully planned buildings and facilities is one way to accomplish this task.

New construction:

Existing buildings and facilities:

  • In 2003 an energy audit was conducted on all existing buildings and facilities by LKPB. The audit identified areas where efficiency can be significantly improved. Upgrades based on these audits should be a priority within the capital planning process.
  • Renovating existing buildings and facilities in order to improve overall health and productivity should be a capital planning priority.