Appendix - Education - Community

1 from the SLU Environmental Resolution

Model Programs:

Dickinson College: Dickinson College has incorporated education, information, and exposure to renewable energy sources into the college’s new student orientation .

Oberlin: Here is a link to an article about a monitoring system set up at Oberlin college that displays energy and water use in dorms.

SLU Success Stories:

The Environmental Studies program at SLU is one of the oldest programs in the nation (created in 1974). It provides a wide range of opportunities for student research in the region. Students also have the option to combine environmental studies with ten other majors. This field of study offered at SLU provides students with a broad understanding of the environmental issues that we face today. The Environmental Studies ESL (Ecological Sustainability Landscape) is a beautiful 110-acre tract of land including fields, forests, wetlands, and steams complete with a three-story house and outbuildings. Certainly the largest laboratory at St. Lawrence University, the land is used for a variety of class projects especially sustainable agriculture and agroecology. Students have the opportunity to apply textbook concepts to hands-on projects including growing organic crops and experimenting with natural pest controls including integrated pest management. An ongoing acid rain sampling program is monitored by environmental studies students.

Following the model of study abroad in another culture, the Adirondack Semester offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves full-time in the natural world. Participating students have the chance to reflect critically upon their conceptions of nature, modern culture, and the most desirable relation between them.