The St. Lawrence University Environmental Action Plan

In 2006 the St. Lawrence University Board of Trustees “…approved, with great enthusiasm, a resolution to adopt a commitment to the environment as a core University value….”1 The SLU Environmental Resolution, a document developed by students2 and brought forth by Thelmo, provides a foundation from which we must now explore how, in practical terms, this commitment will unfold.

The SLU Environmental Action Plan is designed to provide the St. Lawrence University community with a description of the ecological challenges that face the University and a set of actions the University can take to address the issues. The intention of the document is to encourage a University-wide dialogue in relation to the SLU Environmental Resolution and its implications.

The Environmental Action Plan is designed to bring together the various environmental initiatives that are currently in the works (composting, improvements to the recycling plan, rideboards, sustainability indicators, green energy, etc.) and to provide a mechanism to bring together the organizations and individuals that have been working on them.

The drafting of the Plan is currently under way and an online collaborative writing environment (via the SLU Greenpages) has been created to facilitate its development. The initial drafts for each issue area have been written and over one hundred students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members have contributed to Plan’s development . Please contact Louise Gava or Eric Williams-Bergen if you are interested in participating.

In April 2007, Thelmo passed a resolution in support of the Plan. A presentation of the Environmental Action Plan was made to the Board of Trustees on May 18, 2007.

1Memo to the St. Lawrence University community from President Daniel F. Sullivan
2Jason DeRosa ’06, and Kira Krumhansl ’06