Hot Topics

  • Sustainable Food
    Lettuce Turnip the Beet, the Environmental Action Organization (EAO) and others have worked with Dining Services on a variety of initiatives in support of sustainable food systems.
  • Renewable Energy
    If renewable power generation is in the future, where are we today? We are planning our switch to renewable power generation and while we do so we have begun to purchase renewable energy
  • Water
    Inefficient showerheads, leaky faucets, aging water mains, improperly timed watering of grounds - all waste water and are problems faced by many college campuses.
  • Climate Change
    St. Lawrence University has committed to "carbon neutrality" in its campus operations by signing the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment.
  • Johnson Hall of Science
    The Johnson Hall of Science and the Wachtmeister Field Station are two examples of green buildings at St. Lawrence, built with a focus on sustainability.
  • Community
    Working closely with the Associate Colleges and the greater north country community is an essential part of our environmental thinking at St. Lawrence University.
  • Education and Research
    Our faculty strives to offer students the in-depth and transformative learning opportunities that take place through hands on, experientially-based study of the environment.
  • Transportation
    Developing innovative alternatives to car-based commuting is a goal that we hope to achieve through the development of a Transportation Demand Management system.
  • Waste Stream
    SLU recycles approximately 25% of our waste stream, reducing our landfill "contribution" by an area roughly the size of a football field covered with a 1 foot layer of trash.