Sophia Allocco

Sophia Allocco
Greenwich, CT
Vice President of Public Relations – Tri Delta Sorority, Art & Art History Honorary Society, Admissions Ambassador Team Leader, and Community Service Mentor

While I had always been interested in politics, when I came to St. Lawrence I had very little idea what I wanted to major in. After taking introductory courses my freshman and sophomore year I realized that a major in Government let me explore all different things I was interested in, including student activism and international relations, through independent research.

Putting My Skills To Work

As a Government major, I learned early on in my academic career that I had a passion for research. Beginning as a First Year student I served as the Community Service Mentor for the Ogdensburg Boys & Girls, helping to create programming and coordinating student volunteers youth engagement. My passion for involvement with OBGC prompted me to apply for the Association of American Colleges and Universities Engaged Learning Grant, which gave me the ability to conduct independent research on “Socio Economic Perspectives Behind Poverty in the United States and the Impact of Poverty on Children’s Upbringing and Success”. In addition to my independent research, this grant allowed me to created free summer programming for a group of impoverished youth in Ogdensburg, New York that encompassed both goal setting and safe alternative social outlets for children living in government subsidized housing units.

My second research opportunity came in the form of an SYE. As a major with a primary interest in Middle Eastern studies, my culminating senior research project entitled, “Gauging Student Interest in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict” sought to understand student political interest through the prism of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Over the course of a five-month study I surveyed groups of “least politically interested students”, “more politically interested students”, and “most politically interested students” in order to gauge where students obtain political information about the Israeli Palestinian conflict and how that information affects political interest in the Israeli Palestinian conflict. This research was used in order to draw conclusions about how raise political engagement levels on the St. Lawrence University campus.