Kelly J. Appenzeller

Kelly Appenzeller
Kelly J. Appenzeller
History and Government
Huntington, NY
Thelmo, Student Social Media Team, Kappa Delta Sigma, SLU Republicans, , Alpine Ski Team

On campus, I am really involved in our Student Government, Thelmo. I just completed my term as Vice President of Senate Affairs and now will be stepping up to the Presidency for 2014. I love getting involved on campus and working with students and administration to find solutions for our University. My experience on Thelmo has really fueled my love for Government and helped me realize how much I want to immerse myself into the world of politics and global affairs. 

When I came to St. Lawrence I was pursuing American History and Politics. After a semester, my focus quickly shifted to the Middle East with the completion of an FYS on Confronting Islamist Terror and a survey of the Middle East course. I began shaping my majors around International Relations and Security. I am really interested in US foreign policy in Israel-Palestine as well as Iran. I started studying Arabic and have completed research on the effects of American casualties on US War Efforts, the equality of women in the IDF, and the proliferation of drone use in the US Military. I am really excited to continue my studies on the Middle East and hopefully intern in DC this summer with a congressman or within one of the specialty departments of the US.