Benjamin R. Adams

Benjamin Adams
Benjamin R. Adams
Oneida, NY
Vice President of the SLU Rugby Federation Club, Public Relations Chair of the Alexander Hamilton Society, Public Relations Chair of Connect, Public Relations Chair of Young Americans for Liberty, Student Safety Officer for the St. Lawrence Campus, and a member of the Hub.

Like most young adults entering in the realm of higher education, I generally had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life.  With this in mind I decided to take a year off before starting my academic career at St. Lawrence and traveled to Finland where I became a Foreign Youth Ambassador.  After my time in Finland, I came back to the States knowing that I had a firm desire to work towards an academic career that involved my international interests.  I knew that Government was the root of all international relations, so that is where I decided to start my academic career at St. Lawrence.

The St. Lawrence Government Department has given me the opportunity to pursue my international interests through a variety of International Relations and Foreign Policy classes.  Personally, the Department has been a great aid to me with the many interests I have and the political clubs that I am involved in.  This past summer I was invited to Washington D.C. to take part in the annual Alexander Hamilton Society Chapter Conference where I listened and met with many different political speakers on a broad range of different topics on international security including drone strikes, guerilla warfare & terrorism, and the negative effects that international relations can have on the battlefield.  I am currently working towards developing an independent study on Mega Events, such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, and what impacts these events have within the international sphere.

As a sophomore I still have time to develop and grow in different departments at SLU, to study abroad in a foreign country and to participate in the many opportunities that St. Lawrence offers, but I would like to recognize that the Government Department has been my base and my pillar from which I have been able to work towards my academic career.