Government Professors to be honored at Faculty Recognition Event

Dr. Osman Antwi-Boateng, Dr. Ronnie Olesker and Dr. Joe Kling were recently selected for a Faculty Recognition ceremony.  Women's basketball coach Dan Roiger sent  the following letter to the professors:

On this Friday, December 3, the women’s basketball team is hosting Ithaca College in a game at 6 pm.  This game has been designated by our players as Faculty Recognition Game.  You have been selected by (a student in your class) as a professor that has had a significant impact on her academic career and we would be honored if you could join us and be recognized in a brief program before the game.
Your obligations would be simple.  We would ask that you come about 15 minutes early and be present in Burkman Gymnasium at about 5:40.  Just prior to the National Anthem, we would do a brief presentation that lasts about 3-5 minutes in which each faculty member is publicly recognized along with the player that selected them.  And that is all that is necessary.  You certainly could stay for the game if you like, but if you have other obligations and need to leave we understand that as well.
I ask that you let me know by noon on Wednesday as we want each player to have a faculty member at the game, and if you cannot attend for (your student) than I need to have her select another professor.  Either way, I want to thank you for having an impact on (student)’s academic career here at St. Lawrence and for all the work you do with students across the campus.  The collective work and high standards by our faculty here at St. Lawrence allows me to recruit and enroll very high caliber students, which makes my work as a coach that much easier when those students are on my team!
Thank you again and I hope that I can meet you on Friday!