Student Bios

Sean Watkins
Major(s): Global Studies and Government

Many of my accomplishments can be credited to my time in the Global Studies department. It gave me the tools to think critically about the world around me and to act for the betterment of my...

Alison Paludi
Major(s): Global Studies
Minor(s): Education and African Studies

Coming from a small rural town, I was never really exposed to other peoples and cultures. Arriving at St. Lawrence in the fall of 2010, I had a strong desire to travel and get out of my comfort...

Jordan Pescrillo
Major(s): Global Studies
Minor(s): Education

As an undergraduate, I knew early on that I wanted to become a Global Studies major. My two concentration areas were Asia and Africa. Making this decision early allowed me to find many...

Frances Carreon
Major(s): Global Studies & Sociology (Double Major)
Minor(s): Caribbean and Latin American studies

In high school I learned a basic overview of the social conflicts that evoked wars within countries. Rarely did we discuss the economic development and international relations that tie to today’s...