Student Bios

Sal Cania

As an undergraduate, Sal was awarded a fellowship to investigate how old and new media outlets are being implemented in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and had the opportunity to travel...

Merika Wilson
Major(s): Global Studies and Psychology

My regions of concentration are Asia and Africa and I have been fortunate enough to have studied abroad for a three-week program in Ireland, currently participate in a semester program in Thailand...

Laura Sisco


At St. Lawrence Laura was a double major in Global Studies and Environmental Studies with areas of concentration included United States and Africa. She studied French along with...

Milan Sova
Major(s): Global Studies and Performance and Communication Arts

Being dual citizen of the Czech Republic and the U.S., I decided to study the western world of North America and Europe. To better understand European perspectives, I studied Migration and...

Sajana Blank
Major(s): Global Studies
Minor(s): African & South Asian Studies

At St. Lawrence Sajana was a Global Studies major with a concentration in African Studies and South Asian Studies. She received a minor in African Studies and graduated cum laude. Sajana declared...

Annie Hopkins
Major(s): Global Studies

I absolutely love the opportunities the Global Studies department has introduced to me. My areas of concentration within my major are Asian and African Studies. In conjunction with my...